About The Aktion Club of Fresno

The Arc Fresno Aktion Club is an Officially Chaptered Kiwanis Organization, operating within the California Nevada Hawaii District of Kiwanis International. We Grow In Purpose, Give With Purpose and Live With Purpose. We Changes Lives by answering the call to Aktion.


More than anything, people living with disabilities want to be treated like everybody else.

We want to have close friendships and feel connected. We want to get out and give back. Aktion club inspires us to take on leadership roles – to play a part and do things that really make a difference.As a community-service group sponsored by Kiwanis International, The Arc Fresno Aktion Club is open to all adults living with disabilities who want to become community leaders and provide service to others. Amazing things happen when we discover our talents and put them to use:

We Give Back. 

The Arc Fresno Aktion Club members give back to our community, which has supported us for so long. We conduct fundraisers, such as car washes, paper drives and recycling projects. We perform service projects, such as food drives, park clean-ups, nursing home visits, as well as help our local Kiwanis Club with their projects.

We Learn to Lead.

Our members hold leadership roles within our club, driving our service projects and activities, helping to build leadership and decision-making skills in the process.

We Feel Confident.

Being a part of The Arc Fresno Aktion Club gives us an opportunity to develop and use our talents, helping us to improve our self-esteem and our belief in ourselves.

We notice our abilities long before our disabilities, as we become our hometowns’ newest leaders.

Important Information

What is An Aktion Club?

What is an Aktion Club?
An Aktion Club is an official Kiwanis Sponsored Service Leadership Program oriented to adult citizens who live with disabilities and who are interested in service to their communities. It is the newest of Kiwanis’ sponsored programs. Aktion Club became an official Service Leadership Program of Kiwanis International on October 1, 2000. Today there are over 450 Aktion Clubs worldwide with about 10,000 members. In the Cal-Nev-Ha District we have 37 Chartered Aktion Clubs with over 950 members.

An Aktion Club is sponsored by a Kiwanis Club usually in close partnership with a local agency supporting citizens who live with disabilities. An Aktion Club may be sponsored by a Division. It may also involve a Circle K or Key Club in sponsorship and program activities.

A supporting agency often times is essential to the success of an Aktion Club. Many Aktion Club members have special language, transportation, physical and behavioral needs that require expertise the sponsoring agency staff brings to the club’s activities.

Club Membership & Structure:
Membership is open to any adult (over age 18) who lives with a disability and desires to become a leader in his or her community and wishes to provide service to others. No minimum number of members is required to start and Aktion Club, although club membership of about 15 is recommended.

Aktion Clubs are structured much like Key Clubs or Circle K Clubs. They operate under a set of by-laws, elect their own officers, set their own service priorities and raise their own funds all with the help of their sponsoring Kiwanis organization.

Initially the sponsoring Kiwanis organization pays a $460 global fee to start a club which covers the cost of the banner, gavel, gong, first year dues for all charter members and includes their pins and membership certificates. Annual dues after the first year are currently $5.00 per member.

It is important to note that this is not the only way that special needs individuals can choose to participate in Kiwanis. Many people with disabilities choose to join and participate in Kiwanis Clubs and all the other Service Leadership programs.

What Can Aktion Clubs Do?
The accomplishments of Aktion Clubs have been truly amazing. Any Kiwanian involved with an Aktion Club soon finds it difficult to match the energy and excitement Aktion Club members bring to the opportunity to be of service to their community. The list of Aktion club service projects in our District and worldwide is awesome. Kiwanis Clubs and Kiwanis’ Advisers who sponsor Aktion Clubs and witness the energy and desire of Aktion Club members to belong to our Kiwanis family feel they have been truly blessed.

Code of Conduct

Aktion Club members, advisors, chaperones and invited guests are expected to demonstrate good behavior and abide by this Code Of Conduct while in attendance at any Aktion Club event.

Responsible Behavior:

1. I will respect other people’s things and the property of the Aktion Club event facility. Anything I damage or destroy I have to pay to repair or replace.
2. I will not drink alcohol.
3. I will only smoke in designated outdoor areas and never in my room or public indoor areas.
4. I will not use drugs except those prescribed by my doctor.
5. I will not engage in sexual activities at the event, unless I am married and then only if we have a private room.
6. I will not tease or make fun of others.

1. I will sleep only in my assigned room.
2. Female Aktion Club attendees are not allowed in any man’s room and Aktion Club male attendees are not allowed in any woman’s room unless married and sharing a private room, or unless authorized to do so by the District Staff.
3. I will obey the curfew set for the event ( the time set to go to bed).
4. I will obey the event staff’s directions and facility rules.

1. Breaking rules of this code will result in telling the Aktion Club event staff, my chaperone, my Sponsoring Agency and my Sponsoring Kiwanis Club.
2. Breaking rules may result in my not being allowed to participate in future District Aktion Club events.
3. Serious rule breaking may result in being escorted and sent home from the event.
4. I promise to dress nicely and not wear clothes with bad language. I will not wear clothes that are too short, revealing or have holes in them.
5. When required, I will wear my event name tag at all times.

Important Information

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Incentive Program

The Arc Fresno Aktion Club Incentive Program.

The purpose of the Arc Aktion Incentive Program is to promote leadership, responsibilities, attendance, participation and Aktion Club spirit through a reward system on a quarterly and annual basis.

  • Arc Aktion Club Advisors and support staff will keep record of the following areas:
  • Attendance at Aktion Club Meetings
  • Wearing an Aktion Club Shirt to any and all Aktion Club or East Fresno Kiwanis events
  • Wearing your Aktion Club Pin to any and all Aktion Club or East Fresno Kiwanis events
  • Participating in Aktion Club and East Fresno Kiwanis events where the “EFK Bonus Budget Project” or the “Money Events” applies. The “Money Events” are where Aktion Clubs are able to earn $200 when we have five or more Aktion Club members present. Those events for the Kiwanis Year October, 2011 – September, 2012 are as follows:


How will Aktion Club Advisors and Support Staff “Reward” the good deeds?

Aktion Club Advisors and Support Staff will meet at the end of each quarter to review the data collected on the Incentive Program for each club member. Quarters are:

  • October – December
  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – September

Aktion Club Advisors and Support Staff will choose an “Aktion Club Member Of The Quarter.” The Aktion Club Member Of The Quarter will be announced the first meeting of the month following the end of the quarter.

At the End of the Kiwanis year in September, Aktion Club will have an “End Of The Year Dinner.” We will de-install and install the outgoing and incoming Club Officers, announce Perfect Attendance, Aktion Club Memebers Of The Quarter and the Aktion Club Member Of The Year.

Rewards are as follows:

    • Wearing a shirt, pin, signing in and attending each meeting – Kudo Bar


    • Attending “Money Events” – Certificate Of Recognition


    • Aktion Club Member Of The Quarter – Medallion


  • Aktion Club Member Of The Year – To be announced each year